Some seriously hot stuff arrived here in the last couple of weeks and I’ve been hopping around trying things on whilst slathering my skin with the latest scientific formulations.

Dr Levy is a slick line of anti-aging products from Switzerland. I’m currently using 3Deep Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser. In simple terms this is an effective exfoliating face wash that works in three ways. Containing both physical and acid exfoliation this can be used daily for gentle to stronger exfoliation. I apply it to damp skin and emulsify with water most mornings. It can be applied to dry skin for more intensity or a couple of times a week as an intense mask for 5 minutes. The range utilises cutting edge stem cell technology to reduce and reverse the signs of aging. There is a serum and eye cream that I’d love to try out in the future. Dr Levy is a friendly man which makes the experience that bit nicer.

If you saw my insta stories this week you will know that Kiehl’s won me over with the lovely parcel they sent for their latest launch. Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream is infused with ginseng root and manuka honey. They kindly added some gifts which included a jar of manuka honey and pure ginseng extract from China. Manuka honey is easier to buy in England than it is in Germany so I was so happy to receive this because it’s literally liquid gold to me. I’ve been having it on cold toast with butter every morning this week. The Kiehl’s moisturiser mimics the texture of honey which feels comforting on the skin. It’s not sticky and lighter in weight than I’d expected making it a great option day and night. It’s only mildly fragranced which is perfect for my sensitive skin.

The results from my last eye test told me eyewear will be a permanent part of my daily style. I don’t care because I love wearing glasses. With this in mind I ordered the latest design from SALT. Optics. The frame is called turtle and I went for crystal clear, I got my prescription added to them this week. Who knew wearing classes could make someone so happy.


  1. Cleo Jeffries
    March 23, 2017 / 11:50 pm

    Hi fantastic ideas once again.. I’d heard manuka honey was beneficial in many ways but can’t wait to try it out for myself now iv read your blog.. Also very interested in the Kiehl’s moisturiser do you recommend this for a more mature skin as I’m 45 and currently looking for some amazing anti aging without actually aging my skin in the process as some anti aging products do! Does it really regenerate new skin cells..? Can’t wait to try it. The dr levy range also looks really exciting too.. Roll on pay day and thanks again for more amazing tips! You literally r my style guru! You must never stop helping me.. I already feel like a new girl!! And everyone keeps saying I look great so keep the tips coming and thanks as always

    Kindest regards

    Cleo Jeffries
    Cornwall England ( lot of salt in the air – will it do my skin any good i wonder..? Lol)