June was a big month which concluded with finishing a year long German integration course. Completing this and the final exams has allowed me to kick off July with a fresh slate and the opportunity to focus on new projects.

My language course turned out to be a bit of a game changer. School was mostly an unpleasant experience so having the opportunity to go back into a classroom felt daunting at first. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed it and having to study was a real challenge for my brain and I have grown a lot from it. It’s awakened my appreciation for education and I want to study something else. Learning a language was something I’ve always wanted to do yet I hadn’t taken to it naturally. So, having accomplished this and now speaking German at home 90% of the time feels like an achievement. What’s next… Italian perhaps?

Listening to podcasts is my new way to relax. The Emma Guns Show & At Home with… are both really good, they speak to interesting people in the health and beauty industry from journalists, brand founders to leading vloggers. It’s a fascinating insight into how they built their careers, their experiences and what makes them tick, I come away with tons of ideas, inspiration and advice. Listening to these conversations through my earphones is so soothing and a perfect way to relax.

I’m going to be a godfather for the second time. One of my best friends from school is having a baby at the end of the year and she asked me to be godfather. We know each other through and through and I love her to bits so I am really happy about it.

I started jogging again with the help of a useful 7 minute yoga warm up by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. In the past, even after stretching my muscles would remain tight causing shin splints or pain in my ankles which is why I stopped going. The yoga warm up takes care of this!

July is here and astrologically it tends to be a heavy month. So, buckle up and remember, whatever comes your way this month try to seek out the good in everything and try not to focus on the negative.