A lot of my posts open with a comment regarding the weather. Hmm, I guess I’m obsessed except I like to differentiate myself from the majority of folk as I tend not to complain about it. Hot, cold even fog or rain – I love it all and I always feel the need to alter my skincare routine to ensure I get the correct type of protection. The first snow fell over the weekend and it’s now super cold here. I like to run outdoors and freezing cold air is way harsh¬†on my precious skin. So! I switched up last weeks moisturiser to my favourite face oil from Herbivore Botanicals*. This moisturising powerhouse contains¬†Organic Golden Jojoba, Organic Argan, and Organic Rosehip oils. The juicy cocktail of goodness absorbs into my skin perfectly, leaving me hydrated and happy! Face oil’s are great for many skin types including oily or combination. They provide essential fatty acids which maintain the nourishment and hydration levels of the skin. You can purchase a bottle for yourself at WOODBERG the website is also in English and they deliver worldwide. WOOP WOOP!