I am a huge fan of independent brands which have some kind of ethical standpoint. The way we choose our products is changing. We are now more interested in the origin of the brands we choose, how the products were made and if anyone was exploited in the process. There are many new, independent and cool brands popping up in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors. As long as the product is to my liking and works well then these are the brands at the top of my wish list.

I have only ever been an occasional beer drinker but since moving to Germany it has become my drink of choice. The stuff here really lives up to the reputation! Recently I was introduced to the Berlin based brand BRLO Craft Beer. Before I attempt to describe the nuances of their beer I would like to give you some background info on what I believe makes this brand truely special.

Ever heard the saying “you reap what you sow” or “you get out of life what you put in”? Well I am a strong believer that the more we share in life the more we will receive in terms of happiness, health and opportunities.

BRLO make beer responsibly and with love, producing in small batches and working mostly with local suppliers who farm their ingredients sustainably. They also give back to their community – they support regional community projects and donate their beer to charitable projects – which literally makes me want to go and spend all my hard earned money on their product – which isn’t the best idea as I can’t function on beer alone even though it sounds kind of fun.

But all this goodness only works when the actual product is very good, so I was eager to get testing. There are three beers to choose from HELLES, PALE ALE & PORTER.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 15.20.58HELLES is the BRLO take on a classic German beer, I could tell it’s well produced because it tastes so fresh. I like to drink this kind of beer at a Summer party or at a BBQ.

PALE ALE is my favourite of the three as it has a unique flavour (maybe fruity, but I’m not sure) that I find really interesting, and tasty. I could drink this beer whenever, wherever.

PORTER is also really good! This is rich and smooth, the sort of beer I would drink with a traditional British roast dinner on a Sunday afternoon.

BRLO is available at places throughout Germany plus The Netherlands and Norway which you can find on the BRLO finder. So why not plan a trip to Berlin and go on a BRLO bar crawl, I know I will.

To find out more about this cool brand visit their website here.