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Some guys wanna be glossy too you know…

There aren’t many people who need an introduction to Glossier. But, just in case, it’s the super cool cosmetics brand from Into The Gloss founder Emily Weiss. I’m currently sitting next to a pile of the products and I’m going to give you my first impressions. And btw there’s a make up look for men coming soon.

I read a tonne of Glossier reviews online so I had a good idea of what the products are like. The packaging is cute so I get what all the hype is about. But what appeals to me is the results, which were reported to be very natural. I enjoy using skincare and I like to look my best so why not dip my toe into the world of make up? The most important thing from the get go is that it has to look really natural. I just want to look super fresh with healthy looking skin.

lookin good feelin fine glossier for men

A week wearing make up…

In the last week I have been testing out the skincare and make up. It was exciting to try the products out for myself and on first impressions everything looked great. But perhaps a bit small. The perfecting skin tint is 30ml, priming moisurizer is 50ml which is fine they just look smaller than I was expecting. Kind of like seeing a celebrity in real life ; )


So, time for the good stuff. My honest first impressions….

Milky jelly cleanser exceeded my expectations. The fragrance is really nice and light, a bit artificial but I like it, I know that sounds weird. It’s a thick gel texture and I use two pumps which is plenty, you could probably get away with one pump. I massage it over dry skin for a minute and wash off with a flannel (wash cloth) and warm water. It removes everything including my SPF.

Priming moisturizer didn’t wow me but I still like it. The cream is fragrance free which is a good thing because fragrance isn’t skincare after all. It glides across the skin nicely and absorbs straight away without any residue. I’m going to save this for the summer because it’s so light. If you don’t like the feel of a rich cream and your skin isn’t dehydrated then this is a good option for you.

Perfecting skin tint in medium is everything I hoped it would be. The finish is super lightweight which is really important because even tinted moisturisers are often not sheer enough for me. It evens out and warms up my pale complexion just enough and leaves a nice glow. It’s absolutely perfect.

Stretch concealer in medium is brilliant. It applies a little bit greasy which makes it easier to tap into place before it dries down. The shade isn’t too bright and it hides my dark circles without erasing them. This is great because it looks more natural. Another positive is that it doesn’t sit in fine lines or creases. That’s a win win!

Boy brow in clear and blond. I’m a firm believer that eyebrows frame the face so I was after something to give my naturally blonde brows a bit of depth and definition. Boy brow certainly does the trick but it takes a bit of getting used to if you’re a newbie like me. The clear one is slightly whiteish in colour. One morning I caught sight of myself in some dodgy lighting and they looked a bit frosty. Perhaps it’s better for darker blonde or brown hair? The blond however, is the perfect shade for me, not too dark or warm. As long as I brush it very gently so as not to get it on my skin it grooms everything and darkens the lighter hairs.

Wowder in light/medium. I’m probably not the best contender for a powder because my face typically doesn’t get shiny. I think this is another product I will enjoy more in the summer. It comes with a lovely soft brush and when I apply the powder to my t zone it seems to lock everything in place.

Haloscope in moonstone. I was a bit scared of using a highlighter so I steered clear of this for the first few days. I eventually gave it a go and it’s actually right up my street because it gives the skin a healthy looking finish. It almost looks like I went for a jog around the park when I actually did no such thing. Instead of applying the stick directly to my face I rub it on my fingers and dab it on my cheek bones and temples. Not scary at all.

Balm dotcom is better than I thought it would be. I expected a glorified vaseline but it’s actually a nice simple balm for the lips. Considering I’m not a fan or 8 hour cream I’m surprised I like this as much as I do. It’s quite thick without being greasy or overly shiny.

lookin good feelin fine glossier skincare review

Last thoughts…

When I take the price into consideration I think all of the products I tried are good quality for what they cost. The packaging is super cute and they are fun to use. A few of the products really stood out to me such as the perfecting skin tint, boy brow and stretch concealer. These are exactly what I was looking for and I think I will stay loyal to these for the foreseeable future. The milky jelly cleanser and balm dotcom aren’t particularly unique but they have that something extra that makes me want to continue after they run out. Oh and I really do like the haloscope I might find myself using that in the long term but I will have to see. The priming moisturizer is nice and so is the wowder but I’m not as obsessed as I am with the other products.

Wearing a bit of make up is fun. A couple of friends laughed when I told them but they also couldn’t tell I was wearing any. I can definitely see the difference it makes to my complexion and under eye circles.

Stay tuned for my men’s no make up, make up look.


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  1. February 19, 2018 / 3:24 pm

    The main reason why I don’t use Glossier is because you can only order it online here so I’m always a bit skeptical if I haven’t had the change to test out the product on my hand first. That being said, I did hear really good things about some of the products from the brand. (The bottles really are kinda small though)


  2. March 7, 2018 / 3:41 am

    My friend’s boyfriend uses Glossier because he has super sensitive skin. Because of his sensitive skin, he doesn’t have very many options, but Glossier works for him! I love how Glossier puts skincare first, because that’s what I believe as well! (Also I don’t know how to use makeup but I’m not bothered 😛 ) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • March 7, 2018 / 8:14 am

      Hey Audrey. I’m still using the Glossier products and I think they are great. Glad to know I’m not the only guy who is a fan! xx