As we approach the end of Friday afternoon I can feel everyone counting down the last hours before they can finish work and start the weekend. I have a few guilty pleasures on my desk that are keeping me occupied whilst I complete my tasks, without getting too distracted of course. One of the many things I miss about London is the newspaper supplements and every Friday there is ES Magazine which comes with The Evening Standard newspaper. I saved a copy from my recent trip to London and I’m checking out a tasty looking recipe by Jamie Oliver that I’d like to try over the weekend. I find the Rodin olio lusso face oil super comforting as it smells of jasmine which I love. A few drops of this has me dreaming of Sunday on the sofa. South Germany have created their own take on the French croissant and I love it. It’s still crispy on the outside with a soft fluffy center but the taste is slightly richer and it’s topped with toasted sesame seeds. Delicious.