I’ll admit that when it comes to fragrance I’m a total snob. If I’m gifted a bottle of Chanel Bleu or Dior Homme Sport it’s likely I’ll pass it onto someone else. Preferred brands? Byredo or Frederic Malle. I guess I’d compare fragrance to wine as both are so personal to the individual and once you’ve had the good stuff there’s no going back. The German brand Brooklyn Soap Company are known for their range of natural grooming products which I featured last year. I just received a sample of their latest addition The Woods eau de parfum. The packaging is both functional and aesthetically pleasing as it shields the liquid from daylight which degrades the fragrance over time. It smells really, really great as it’s rich, complex and luxurious which I like.


Top: Mandarine, Black Pepper, Fresh Ginger, Bergamotte, Tyme.

Heart: Absinthe, Iris Absolut, Red Pepper, Nutmeg.

Fond: Myrrhe, Amber Musk, Benjoin Siam, Cashmir Wood, Incense.

Created by French perfumer Mark Buxton it’s clear that care and skilled craftsmanship has gone into this product. Fragrance is a difficult market to enter and the guys at Brooklyn Soap Company have pulled out the stops to make this something special. Understandably the buyers at Colette snapped it up.