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It’s about planting seeds for a long career…

Blogging is a hot topic. People ask me questions all the time, mainly about how to earn money.

It’s one thing to get some followers on instagram. But if you want to make a career from this (and one with longevity) then it’s useful to make a plan. The bloggers who are big now started 5-10 years ago when things were much easier. Now the rules have changed and it’s harder than ever to cut through the noise and get noticed. I have a personal list of blogging do’s and don’ts – and it’s the don’ts that are most important.

what makes a successful blogger

Saying no to most paid opportunities…

There came a point when paid opportunities came through. Unfortunately most of them weren’t great. It’s tempting to say ‘that will be ok’ and take the cheque – because it’s money right?! Integrity is everything and brands look at what you’ve been up to when considering you for a job. So saying no to the small jobs makes space for bigger more attractive opportunities. Then a domino effect begins because those rare jobs become references for new ones and it grows from there.

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I’ll never rely solely on social media….

Instagram is the easiest way to present yourself and gain a following online. I can choose one outfit picture, edit it and then post it. Job done. Whereas a blog post takes more effort. First I need to write something which is near impossible some days. Then I like a selection of images which is harder than relying on that one winning shot.

The instagram algorithm was a wake up call. I never want to be at the mercy of a social media platform changing the rules. Maintaining regular blog content is my focus because it’s the most stable place to be. And I love it!

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    November 30, 2017 / 12:41 pm

    Very informative.

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