portlandIn a few weeks I will be heading back to London and I’m super excited. I haven’t been back for 6 months so I’m looking forward to hanging out and catching up with old friends. Recently I was introduced to a men’s grooming brand from the UK called Portland England. The packaging offers a refreshing change to other brands I’ve seen online and I happily accepted an offer of samples. I find this brand so British yet it’s inspired by the ocean and sailing which reminds me of weekends away and summer holidays. All in all the first impression leaves me feeling nostalgic and a little homesick which tells me that a trip back home is long overdue! The range is focused on shaving but as I don’t wet shave or have a beard long enough to warrant using a beard oil I decided to try the Daily Face Wash with AHA Exfoliator and the Active Aftershave which I have used as cologne. Overall my impression is good as the face wash cleanses thoroughly yet leaves my skin feeling perfectly hydrated. I’m super picky when it comes to fragrance. I’m not into fashion brand fragrances at all, I prefer specialist brands such as Frederic Malle or Byredo. The products smell great and I’ve added a spritz of the aftershave to my daily cleansing and moisturising routine. I love that this brand is British, made in England with a cool design and concept. Nice one Portland England! If you’re in London you can purchase it at Fenwick on Bond Street or shop online at the Portland England website.

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