Colder weather and cozy central heating I love but my poor skin says ‘wah wah wah’ as it begins to shrivel up – unless I take precautions! I’ve incorporated protective skin care into my daily regime that complements my environment. And I have some superb new products that I’d like to share with you. First up is the Carrot Butter cleansing balm by Organic Pharmacy. This is my first time using a cleansing balm and I find it the most comforting experience. I scoop a penny sized amount and massage it over my entire face for a couple of minutes to boost the circulation, and it feels so, so, so good, the consistency is thick and greasy which sounds gross but feels great, especially if your skin is dry. I received a muslin cloth which I believe is sold separately, you should run this under hot water, wring out and press onto your face before wiping off the excess balm. This feels so incredible I can’t even explain. Next up is the eye cream and moisturiser from Grown Alchemist, this is a very cool natural brand from Australia. I like the minimal packaging but crucially it really nurtures my skin. Natural moisturisers absorb nicely into the skin which I put down to their lack of silicone or any petroleum type ingredients which tend to lay on the surface when I use them. This allows me to slather on a really thick layer and leave it to soak in. My skin begins to plump and I’m left looking socially acceptable again.

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