IMG_7284I’d like to start this post with a great big AAARRRGGGGHHHHH, now, that’s better. My home is still under renovation and the only room that’s finished is my bedroom. I will be camping out in here until everything is done. Despite the mess I’m feeling good which could be due to my friends at TEATOX who sent me samples of their lovely immunity boosting tea. I try to go for a run every other morning and I like to drink a cup of this after my shower. I must say, it gives me a tiny headache after drinking it which I put down to the tea’s detoxifying properties. Hot water and lemon does the same thing, especially if I’ve had a glass of wine the night before. I try to boost my immune system at this time of year to fight off the inevitable coughs and colds everyone passes around during the colder months. Prevention is always better than cure! The nice and soft, oversize jumper I’m wearing in this picture is from Only & Son’s *.

* PR Samples