The selection in my forth and final gift guide can be found at online mecca Niche Beauty. Whilst many of their cult brands are gender neutral the store has a section dedicated to men. I’ve put together an eclectic mix of products that harness the power to help us look good and feel good. All of the items are perfectly giftable with options for stocking fillers.

The Michael Van Clarke No. 1 Brush has bendy bristles that gently de-tangle longer hair. If you have shorter hair like me I recommend this as a wonderful scalp massager. Sounds Crazy? Gently running this brush over your scalp in different directions for 30 seconds feels like a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage. Bargain! Keeko coconut oil pulling in morning mint. If you are new to oil pulling then I guarantee you will have cleaner and whiter teeth by adding this to your daily routine. It’s also known to be an ancient method of detoxing. Bring it on! Pure Elixir skin supplements. These tiny bad boys are infused with marine collagen, vitamin c + e, hyaluronic acid and tomato extract. Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and brighten the skin. Yes please! Tata Harper face moisturiser. This brand is completely natural and non-toxic. Yes, some skincare contains ingredients that are toxic. Tate Harper manufacture their products themselves in Vermont. In-house manufacturing allows small batches, produced often to ensure the products are fresh and of the highest quality. MINIMERGENCY KIT. The trusty tin contains 13 essentials, especially useful when traveling. There’s everything from shirt buttons to a safety pin, plaster and nail clippers. I had my own minimergency yesterday when I discovered a small hole in one of my bed pillows. I used the needle and thread from my kit to quickly sew up the hole. Viola! Sleeping crisis averted.

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Clinique is the go-to brand for anyone with allergies or sensitivity from fragrance. The FOR MEN range is very good with slick packaging that sits nicely in the most stylish bathrooms. These are a great gifting option this Christmas.

Maximum Hydrator is an excellent cream that feels surprisingly lightweight in texture, a great option for all skin types, especially those with oily/shiny/dehydrated skin. I use this at night and it perks up my skin nicely, leaving me with brighter, plumper skin that feels incredibly soft. SPF 21 Moisturiser. I found this surprisingly nourishing for an SPF moisturiser. It leaves a nice sheen which is perfect if your skin can look dry or dull. Turnaround Revitalising Serum is rich in texture for a serum yet feels perfectly light on the skin. I use this morning and night (sometimes with a drop of oil when my skin needs it) it disappears instantly and works perfectly well with both the maximum hydrator or SPF 21 moisturiser. Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel. This is a savior during the winter as I wake up with puffy eyes from the central heating. It’s applied with a metal roller which feels cold around the eyes. This feels really good first thing in the morning and the inclusion of caffeine helps wake up and de-puff the delicate skin around your eyes, leaving a light hydration as you roll away.

Clinique is available online and in department stores worldwide.




Kale season runs from mid-summer to December, however kale leaves grow sweeter after the frost making now the best time to eat it. Green leafy vegetables are beyond good for us, but we know this already so I won’t harp on. I will simply list 5 known benefits below to remind you why you want some kale right now. Plus a tasty recipe to inspire you with ways to eat it.

  • Kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. So, if you are going to eat any veg then this should be top of the list.
  • It fights cancer. High levels of glucosinolates help eliminate carcinogens from the body and stimulate the self-destruction of cancer cells.
  • Your skin loves kale! The generous amount of antioxidants make this a smart choice for everyone. Because who doesn’t want better skin?
  • Anti-inflammatory. Disease cannot survive unless there is inflammation in the body. Alkaline foods are our best friend and they also promote younger looking skin.
  • Perhaps one of the more unexpected benefits, kale is high in calcium.




For all ingredients and a step by step for this recipe head over to one of my favourite food blogs 101 COOKBOOKS



The temperature keeps moving up and down as we enter the golden glow of Autumn. One day it’s super cold and the next it’s mild and sunny. Coughs and colds are rampant and to avoid getting ill I’m using my five foods that fight infections.

Honey All honey is good at fighting infection but the manuka variety from New Zealand is the best of all. Many people make the mistake of adding it to boiling water which destroys much of the benefits. To make the most of your honey eat a tablespoon daily and make sure it’s raw and unfiltered for the maximum benefits.

Lemon We all know that lemons are full of Vitamin C but many of us think they are acidic. Whilst they taste bitter lemon alkalizes once inside our bodies helping fight inflammation which is a key to staying healthy. I like to add the juice of 1 lemon to a mug. Half fill it with cold water and then top it up with boiling water from the kettle. This way it’s warm enough to fire up the digestive system yet retains all the precious vitamins.

Ginger Whenever I feel a cold coming on I always have a shot of pressed ginger juice. It’s super spicy but any symptoms of the cold are quickly gone. If you don’t own a juicer try grating the ginger and adding it to hot water or even a nice soup.

Garlic In my opinion garlic can be more powerful than many antibiotic, without any of the downsides. There is one common downside however which is the smell. On the rare occasion I’m hit with a cold or the flu then I finely chop three large cloves of garlic and mix them with a dairy-free yogurt and add some fresh lemon juice. It’s guaranteed you will stink but take this once a day and your cold or flu will soon be gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar Like lemon ACV becomes alkaline once ingested. This is a great choice for salad dressings. Unlike regular vinegar that causes inflammation this also prevents stomach bugs and fights bacteria thanks to it’s natural antibiotic properties.




In today’s vegan, gluten-free, green juice obsessed world, we are constantly on the lookout for the newest, healthiest thing. I love that we are exposed to a way of living that is more accessible and most importantly enjoyable. One of the noticeable points I’ve heard health experts and nutritionalists mention is the importance of fish oils for day to day health. According to Dr Axe cod liver oil holds numerous health benefits. One that caught my eye is Vitamin D which my doctor recently told me I’m lacking. I’ve put the deficiency down to my increased use of sunscreen. The anti-aging benefits of an SPF have a noticeable side effect that needs to be addressed. Now that I’m taking Seven Seas Simply Timeless Marine Oil with Cod Liver Oil – plus multivitamins (gosh that was a mouthful) I’m happy to know my Vitamin D levels will be rising. The one-a-day capsules are also multivitamins so we get benefits of fish oils and a multivitamin in one go. I must admit I was nervous that I’d get an after taste of fish which is the last thing I want first thing in the morning. Luckily there has been no fishy odor or aftertaste whatsoever, it feels the same as taking an ordinary multivitamin.

More potential benefits from regularly taking fish oils are weight loss and enhanced immunity. They can also help with depression which is especially useful during the Winter months when the nights are longer. Lastly the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils are anti-inflammatory which is so important as staying alkaline is a key to being healthy. I have fond memories of Seven Seas as I remember my Mum taking them when I was a kid. It also shows that they were onto the benefits of omega fatty acids decades before it became a trend alongside kale and quinoa. To find out more about Seven Seas and their different products you can visit the website.