The ‘summer body’ preparations are well underway and having been back at the gym for only 2 months I’m way behind schedule. The thought of being poolside leaves me feeling vulnerable. But, considering I haven’t booked flights to Ibiza, Miami or in fact anywhere and combine that with the washout we’re having here in Germany I can take a deep breath and calm the hell down. For now the preparations continue, with the following….

1 JAMES READ Sleep Mask Tan Face*. Go to bed pale and wake up golden is my kinda tan and the clear gel won’t streak the bed clothes. The first time using this I looked at my face wondering if I looked yellow when in fact it had been so long since I’d had a tan, real or fake, that I’d forgotten what I looked like with a golden glow. I call this the classy tan as you can build it up slowly over a few nights. This way you won’t walk into work one morning looking like anĀ umpa lumpa.

2 BUTTER ELEXIR Hair & Body Oil*. Regular readers will know that I love a natural oil. This one is packed with skin boosting essential oils, it smells like a spa and leaves my skin glistening but not greasy.

3 KIEHLS Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50*. Thanks to my tan in a can I’m all set but I won’t step out in the midday sun without full protection. During the summer this sunscreen works a treat when used as a face moisturiser. TIP. Don’t forget to add a pea size amount to the back of each hand before leaving the house, apply whatever is left to the top of your ears. Available worldwide.

4 WILLEMS EYEWEAR B-ZERO Dartmoor*. These stylish gold shades reflect the light without being full on mirror, which I like, and the quality of the lenses is outstanding. Expect to see me wearing these on my instagram soon.

5 H&M T-Shirt & Shorts. With the new season I’m mixing up my colour palette of the usual grey’s and blue’s. Adding warmer hue’s lifts the tone and injects some summer spirit.

*Press Samples




A bloggers best friend is…. I mean, a bloggers best friends are their photographer and a good pair of sunglasses. I just discovered a website selling tote bags that display the phrase ‘big sunglasses hide all sins’ which I have to agree with except this season I prefer them small and mostly round ; )

I enjoy photography and mostly shoot the still life shot’s for this blog myself I’m also prone to the odd nature shot for my instagram page. For the fashion posts a good photographer is a must but on this occasion Christian Roman was busy on another project and I had to take the portrait for this post by myself. An afternoon in my garden running between the front and the back of a camera made me appreciate the speed and direction that working with a pro brings.

My latest collab is with German brand Willems Eyewear. I received three models of their special edition ‘B-Zero’ collection. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I opened the box and saw the three beauties staring up at me. Here I am wearing Newquay which evokes fond childhood memories of summers spent running around (often naked) on the beaches of Cornwall. My sister lives in Cornwall, not far from surfers paradise, Newquey. I’ve been meaning to plan another visit and I think I will except this time I’ll be clothed and sporting my favourite new sunglasses.



In today’s post I’ve opened up my gym kit to show you my tried and tested essentials that are both stylish and practical.

I recently started back at the gym after a very long break and it feels great to be training again. I’m not one of those people to put on weight when I don’t work out, it actually has the opposite effect and I end up looking skinny which leaves me feeling unhappy with myself. I’ve been jogging for a while which is great but I see the best results when I combine the cardio with weight training. A couple of gym sessions per week with some jogging outdoors make the perfect combination for my body and mind.

1 ONLY & SON’S T-SHIRT & SHORTS. The t-shirts are slightly longer in the body which is perfect as they don’t rise up when I’m stretching or using a foam roller. The shorts are also great as they have a draw string waist and zipper pockets. Zipper pockets are an essential for me when I’m jogging as I always take my i phone and this prevents it falling out and getting smashed.

2 DR JACKSON’S 01 SKIN DAY CREAM*. This is a great all-natural brand which means the moisturiser is lightweight, it allows my skin to breathe whilst providing SPF 20.

3 SUSANNE KAUFMANN DEODORANT STICK*. I only use all-natural deodorants because ingredients such as aluminum which are found in regular deodorants can be harmful. Their aren’t many effective all-natural versions but this one is excellent plus is smells great and it comes as a stick rather than a spray.

3 ASICS Trainers and perfect for running as they provide good support and the quality is always good. This is definitely my go-to workout brand.

4 SALT. EYEWEAR*. These sunglasses are from their latest collection and whilst they look cool they are also great for jogging when the sun is out. These frames are super lightweight yet hold firmly in place.

5 LOUIS VUITTON KEEPALL BANDOULIERE 45. I’ve had this bag for around 4 years and it’s hardly worn even though I’ve used it so much. I often take it on weekends away, especially if I’m flying with just hand luggage. It also makes a great gym bag as it fit’s everything I need. Definitely worth the money.

* Whilst I received these products as samples I’ve only featured them as they are an actual part of my gym kit.





Whilst watching the British TV show Mr Selfridge I was admiring the glasses worn by actor Jeremy Piven. His were reading glasses but when I saw a pair of shades in a similar style by OBLYK I knew I had to try them. Completely handcrafted in Italy this frame is from their latest collection, Graffiato. I was into round glasses anyway but these shades push the style further and I think they look rather dapper.

Photography by Christian Roman for lookin good feelin fine.