Now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with a stylish new pair of shades. And one of my go-to brands is SALT. OPTICS.

This independent brand is based in California with consistently cool collections. The eyewear and sunglasses are for men and women. In the pictures I’m wearing TAFT which recently launched as part of their new collection. These are the most comfortable shades I’ve ever worn. They are super lightweight any they sit effortlessly on my face. This style comes in a couple of variations. I went for the classic black. The versatile style looks great as a casual or smart look.

SALT. is sold at selected stores worldwide.






There’s nothing like those first days of Spring when it’s sunny and the temperature is mild. On the reverse we can experience the erratic changes in weather when it’s sunny one minute and then raining or cold the next. During this time is can be difficult to decide what to wear in the morning. In my featured look I’m wearing a medium density shirt with black a t-shirt underneath. By layering I will be warm enough if the temperature dips and I can take the shirt off and wear just the t-shirt if and when the sun comes out.