I’m going away next week so I wanted to show you the skincare products I will be taking with me. Kiehl’s surprised me with a wash bag with some products recently and I plan to make good use of it. Clear bags like this are great if you are traveling with hand luggage as you don’t need to bother with the clear bags they give you at the airport. I tend to take the minimum when traveling unless I’m going to the beach so no masks, exfoliators or any of that nonsense. It’s usually cleanser, moisturiser, serum, SPF, deodorant and shampoo. View Post

If you are interested in natural cosmetics or looking to put together the right products for a simple and effective, daily skincare routine, then I’ve got your back. View Post

I thought it would be fun to show you three different face cleansers I have on the go. You may be thinking – why does he need three cleansers to wash his face – but they each work very differently. Let me tell you more.

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Natural skincare brand NUORI have launched Vital Unifier. This is a toner, essence and mist, all-in-one sleek white bottle.

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The Ordinary is a skincare line that has taken the world by storm. Never before have products which are so effective been so affordable. I’m going to review my current favourites from the huge range that can leave even skincare junkies feeling confused. View Post