Last week I went to Augsburg and paid a visit to Green Glam. I spent an afternoon chatting with Nina who owns the store with her husband. If you’re a fan of natural and organic beauty or grooming then I recommend you pay a visit to the store in Germany. You will be pushed to find a place quite like it anywhere.

Last year I wrote a post on the store so it was nice to visit in person. Whilst I was there I put together an edit of my top 5 ‘green’ products for Spring. In case you were wondering if that’s a pool in the picture, the answer is yes. Well kind of. The store opens up into the most beautiful private courtyard. Like I said, you’ll be pushed to find anywhere quite like Green Glam.

murdock london review


Murdock London first became known to me when they opened a barber shop in the menswear department of Liberty. Since then they have several more shops dotted around London’s hot spots and a line of products to boot. These guys were on the scene way before beards became a thing. And the whole dandy, gentleman style took root.

Murdock was founded in 2006. At this point there was a gap in the market for grooming destinations geared toward the modern and style-conscious man. There were prestigious places such as Geo F Trumper in St James. It looks incredible but is not somewhere I’d feel comfortable going. On the other end there were the high street barber’s which didn’t offer much of an experience.

I was sent a sample of the Avalon Shower Bodycare Set which includes a shower gel and body lotion. I think the overall concept of Murdock is spot on which carries through to the products. I’ve seen companies roll out products in the same way and it hasn’t always been a success. There’s an art to product development and just because someone has a great gym, salon or restaurant. It doesn’t mean they can create an equally successful line of products. In this case I’m on board and I’m going to tell you why.

The first thing I looked at was the formula. It’s easy to have a manufacturer create a basic shower gel and body lotion. This wasn’t the case here.

For the surfactant (foaming agent) they didn’t go with the standard Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Instead they’ve used ammonium lauryl sulfate which is a mild, coconut based version. The fourth ingredient in the shower gel is Aloe Barbadensis Extract (aloe vera juice) which is a generous amount for the price. I doubt you would find that quantity in some other, more expensive brands.

At 500ml the size is excellent, who wants a 200ml shower gel when you use it every day?! It would be perfect if they offered a refill service in store to save on recycling. Lastly the Avalon citrus fragrance is incredible as it reminds me of Acqua di Parma Colonia which is super luxurious. Containing Gingseng and Argan Oil to nourish the skin, the body lotion is perfectly lightweight leaving lasting notes of the fragrance. After using the products and being so impressed I went onto the website to see what else they offer. Unsurprisingly they have a great looking selection of colognes. In addition to the haircare, shaving and grooming products they have men’s tote bags, socks and a beautiful wash bag. It’s not often that I say this but so far it’s a 10/10 and I will definitely be heading in for a haircut soon.


I attempted to title this post simply referencing the name of the product. However Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque is just way too long.

I’ve been wanting to feature this since it launched a couple of months ago but the blog schedule took over. It’s been left politely waiting in line with the other products on my testing shelf.

As the name suggests this is a face mask intended to invigorate and brighten our skin’s appearance. It also contains crushed cranberry seeds that gently exfoliate the skin. I tested this product in the evening and quickly decided it would be better used in the morning.

It gives me that menthol, slapped in the face by an ice cold wave feeling that comes in handy when I can’t wake up. You know those mornings when your face is dry, puffy and you’re feeling generally knackered? I suggest washing your face then applying this to towel dried skin. Then go make yourself a strong coffee. This should take around 15 minutes at which point it would be a good idea to jump in the shower. Massaging the cranberry grains into the skin gives some gentle exfoliation.

Due to the general mentholness this may irritate sensitive skin. The winning ingredient for me is turmeric and you can definitely see it’s deep yellow hue in the colour of the mask. Turmeric is known for it’s incredible health benefits and it’s a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. YASSSSSSSSSS.

I recently featured another new mask from Kiehl’s here.


kosho, sunday riley skincare review

If you fancy adding some luxury items to your skincare collection then you have come to the right place. And if not I suggest you hang around regardless and admire the beauty of the aesthetically pleasing products in today’s post.

There has been a lot of Sunday Riley love on here recently which hasn’t faltered with my latest discovery, Good Genes.  This multi-tasking treatment serum was created to exfoliate, brighten and plump the skin. Key ingredient is Lactic Acid which exfoliates and firms the skin. In addition licorice, squaline and yeast extract work in synergy to reduce inflammation, brighten and repair the skin. Whilst strengthening the natural barrier function.

Sunday Riley products tend to be potent and Good Genes didn’t disappoint. It noticeably brightened and smoothed my skin after the first use. I found with daily as my skin became a little sensitive. A few times a week as a serum seems to be enough for me.

At 130€ this isn’t cheap but Sunday Riley products are a pleasure to use and they look amazing in the bathroom. So, if you can afford it then I say give it a try and see for yourself. There are other options if this is out of your price range. Paula’s Choice offer similar corrective serums minus the beautiful packaging. If it’s purely results you’re after then Paula’s Choice is a great option.

Next up is KOSHO Creamy Cleansing, an all-natural foaming face wash with organic Matcha tea. This is another range that looks great in the bathroom. Yet it was the use of Matcha that caught my attention. Matcha contains large amounts of antioxidants which are great for our skin. I prefer mild cleansers and despite this being a foaming cleanser it remained very gentle. My skin soft always feels bright and gently hydrated. The fragrance doesn’t remind me somehow of tea. I thought it might so I’m interested to know how the other products smell. It comes packaged in a very nice green box for that luxurious feeling. It’s a very nice cleanser but it didn’t wow me at all. It would be interesting to try more from the range. So far the jury’s out.


Keep reading if you have sensitive skin? In fact, keep reading anyway…

Sönd skincare is a relatively new anti-ageing skincare brand that targets sensitive skin. The key ingredient throughout Sönd is silica. Silica is a key component for collagen production which ties in with their anti-ageing claims. It’s also an anti-inflammatory which tackles sensitivity caused my inflammation.

Perhaps I’m wrong but it seems more people have sensitive skin these days? Perhaps it’s the increased use of acid exfoliators, vitamin c and retinoids? I’m not sure! Sönd has a small range of four products. Three are topical and there’s a supplement.

I received samples of Revitalising face serum, replenishing face oil and energising mineral supplements. I didn’t know what to expect from this brand. The packaging is neutral and I haven’t heard reports from any of my usual sources. On first impression the serum has a nice silky texture. It’s milky in colour and glides across the skin then absorbs quickly without stickiness. About 15 minutes after applying the serum I noticed my skin felt cooler and calmer. I find this impressive and I haven’t felt such a calming reaction from a serum before. I know find myself reaching for this over other products in my bathroom. That has to be a good sign or should I say söhn!

I received a tester sample of the face oil which I haven’t been as drawn to. It’s still nice though and I can’t fault it. Coconut is the base of the oil and it also contains silicone. I prefer all-natural face oils but the silicone does give it a nice slip. It glides nicely across the skin which feels nice. The fragrance is slightly minty, this isn’t my thing but I see it might soothe the skin.

Many of us take an encyclopedia of daily supplements without a clue whether they actually do anything. I have tried various skincare drinks and supplements in the hope they actually work. I feel uncomfortable recommending someone buy something when I’m uncertain of the actual results.

The same goes for the Energising mineral supplements. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy them because I just don’t know if they do exactly what they say they will do. Sönd say that ‘as we age silica depletes in our bodies therefor taking a silica supplement will boost our levels which has a positive effect on the elasticity and collagen levels of our skin’. It’s worth noting that silica is also present in green vegetables. So perhaps a daily green juice is a more reliable option?

I noticed that they also contain magnesium which is what I like most about them. One thing in the supplements stood out and that’s magnesium. This is a supplement I will happily recommend. I used to take magnesium supplements a while back when I was training at the gym. It prevents muscle cramps and it also aids a good nights sleep! So when I saw magnesium as well as vitamin E I was a little more sold on the idea. What’s next from Sönd? Hopefully a cleanser and some body products!

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