The legal age of drinking kicks off at 18 in the UK. In the first decade of my legal drinking years I managed some level of hangover almost every weekend. The hangovers ranged from 1-10. With 1 being a slight headache upon waking that faded with some water and a coffee and 10 not being able to stand up or hold down a sip of water without being sick. Luckily I reached a 10 only a few times in that decade.

The subject of hangover cures is a heavily debated subject. Drinking plenty of water is a good idea but it doesn’t take the pain away. I was told antioxidants from strawberry’s offer a cure so one particularly painful morning at work I ordered a strawberry smoothy – it didn’t work. A glass of extra cold Coke helps momentarily as does a greasy English breakfast. A Bloody Mary can also numb the pain and get you drunk again which isn’t always a good idea. I’ve still want to try one of those iv drips. I imagine the hydration going directly to the blood stream feels like heaven.

On a long night of partying the best solution I’ve found besides not drinking at all. Is to only drink a good quality tequila and you won’t get a hangover the next day. This has been tried and tested by yours truely and it works every time. There are rules though. You can drink the tequila as a shot which is always fun or drink it long with soda water and fresh lime. Don’t mix it with coke or anything else sugary as you will get a headache the next day. If you can’t stand tequila then try a good quality, pure Vodka such as Belvedere or Grey Goose but in my opinion Tequila works best.

You’re Welcome!


I’m super excited as I’ve partnered with Philips for today’s post. Over seven days I’ve kept a daily diary whilst using the new Sonicare Flexicare Platinum Toothbrush. The idea of healthier teeth inspired me to live a little healthier during these seven days. With Christmas fast approaching the overindulgence is unavoidable so a little self care beforehand seems like a great idea. Follow my seven day diary and see what I got up to whilst using the new Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush.

Philips App Image.pngDay One. After charging the toothbrush for 24 hours I was keen to get started and try it out! I downloaded the Philips Sonicare app on i tunes. The toothbrush connects with the app via a built-in bluetooth (amazing, I know). It then coaches you toward the perfect brush as it displays the areas you might be neglecting to clean and if you are applying the correct amount of pressure. There are three brushing intensities, low, medium, high. Today I started with low, using the clean mode.
Previously I’d been using a regular non-electric toothbrush and I decided to start gently and build up the intensity over the coming days. With a Philips Sonicare the brush does most of the work and I was mindful to move the brush slowly and gently, back and forth, so the bristles can reach any gaps between the teeth. This brush cleans better when less pressure is applied. I have always done the opposite, applying more pressure to clean deeper. That may be the case with a manual toothbrush but not anymore!  
Afterwards my teeth feel strangely clean, like a freshly polished marble floor. They look a little whiter and super shiny. On closer inspection the areas between my teeth and gums also look super clean. Here’s a screenshot from the app’s Touch-Up feature, the yellow highlighted areas actually show you where you missed spots when you brush.


Day 2. I find it harder waking up during the Winter months, when it’s cold and dark outside. I find a daily, at-home yoga session gets my day off to a good start. For a while I’ve been practicing the crow pose. It seemed impossible at first but after some practice I seem to be getting there. On YouTube there are great yoga instructors and this morning I did a class by Yoga with Tim. Prior to the yoga I was excited to use the new Philips Sonicare toothbrush again and see if there were any improvements in the cleanness of my teeth. I upped the brushing mode to medium. I could definitely notice a difference with the increased brushing mode. The brush automatically stops when the correct amount of time has passed which I find rather handy.


Day 3. This morning I drank hot water with lemon & apple cider vinegar, first thing. Afterwards I brushed my teeth and today they look noticeably whiter which I’m super happy about. I decided to give the tongue cleaner a go. This is a separate head that replaces the brush head. 80% of oral bacteria is found on the tongue! I used 1 pump of the Philips Sonicare breath Rx tongue spray and gently brushed my tongue for 20 seconds. Afterwards my tongue looks very clean and feels incredibly fresh.



Day 4. My healthier seven days are now in full swing and I’m loving it. For breakfast I’ve swapped the usual croissant for a bowl of porridge topped with banana, cinnamon and chia seeds. I find the connected aspect of the Philips Sonicare interesting as the app can tell exactly whats going on as you brush your teeth. Smart sensors track your brushing performance and send your data to your app via bluetooth wireless technology. The app highlights trouble areas and it also let’s you know when it’s time to change the brush head. The coach sets personalised goals and tracks the progress of gum health and tooth whitening.



Day 5. It’s not long before the snow will arrive here in Germany so I decided to swap today’s yoga class and head outdoors for a 20 minute jog. The buzz I get afterwards is a welcome contrast to the peacefulness of yoga. Tomorrow I will get back on the mat for some zen time.











Day 6. After testing out the deep clean function my teeth feel so much cleaner and smoother, like I just went to the dentist. The separate adapter and spray for cleaning the tongue has also made a difference as my mouth feels super fresh.










Day 7. I’m feeling very pleased with myself having completed a healthier seven days. Setting myself tasks and structuring my day to make time for myself feels good. It’s been great fun getting to know my new Philips Sonicare toothbrush and testing out the various functions. Besides the results, my favourite functions are the UV sanitiser which ensures the brush head is perfectly clean every time I use it. The Philips Sonicare app is also great as it connects me with the toothbrush. Being able to see if I’m missing any areas when I brush or if I’m applying too much pressure is really cool.

I hope you liked this post and if you haven’t already please come and say hello via my Instagram or Twitter. Lastly, a big thanks to Philips Sonicare for partnering with me for this post.

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There’s nothing quite like a cute illustration to pull at my heart strings. And Kiehl’s have done just that with their limited edition Jeremyville Holiday 2016 collection. I’ve completely fallen for this theme created by street artist Jeremyville from Brooklyn.

Creme de Corps body moisturiser is thick and immensely hydrating. A perfect antidote to the drying effects of central heating. The three Hand Creams come in a set, each with it’s own fragrance – Coriander – Lavender – Grapefruit. I expect this trio to keep your hands soft until we see the first signs of Spring. Ultra Facial Cream is a great option during the Winter months. It contains two unique ingredients that protect and replenish skin from harsh cold air from the outside and the drying heat from indoors. Antarcticine – a glycoprotein extracted from microorganisms sourced from sea glaciers is known for it’s ability to protect skin from cold temperatures. Imperata Cylindrica, a plant indigenous to the Australian desert helps retain moisture in dry conditions. You can head over to the Kiehl’s website to see the rest of the Holiday Collection. Which also has a wondeful advent Calendar. Follow my InstagramStories and watch me open mine. Each piece is sold separately.




If you ask me, the lead up to Christmas is the best part. Meeting friends for drinks after a spot of shopping when the vibe is all cozy and fun. It’s easy to go overboard on the gifting each year. I think a few special gifts here and there works best. But what to choose for those special people? Well, you have me for that! For the coming weeks I’m putting together several guides. Making the search for unique and stylish gifts that bit easier.

BELLA FREUD Scented Candle from Niche Beauty. This looks cool and smells great. The Oud and Wood fragrance is dry and warm that’s perfect for when it’s wet and cold. It sets the tone perfectly for a night at home in front of the fire.

THE WOODS Body Wash by Brooklyn Soap Company. An all-natural body washed infused with the signature fragrance from Brooklyn Soap Company. This takes a shower situation to a whole new level. It’s made for the fella’s but the girls may love this also.

NUORI Lip Treat. In an industry that’s reinvented everything a thousand times. Danish brand NUORI has changed the game with it’s fresh line of skincare. Each box displays a suggested date to start using. Allowing just enough time to finish the product before it’s freshly prepared ingredients go out of date. The lip treat is certainly that, hydrating and soothing with the softest taste of mint.

DARTMOOR FRAMES by Willems Eyewear. These timeless frames are cool and comfortable with a focus on quality craftsmanship and loving details. Perfect for guys and girls looking to embrace their inner geek chic.

Stay tunes for my the next installment of my Christmas guides. And if you haven’t already come join the party on Instagram and Twitter.


Kale season runs from mid-summer to December, however kale leaves grow sweeter after the frost making now the best time to eat it. Green leafy vegetables are beyond good for us, but we know this already so I won’t harp on. I will simply list 5 known benefits below to remind you why you want some kale right now. Plus a tasty recipe to inspire you with ways to eat it.

  • Kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. So, if you are going to eat any veg then this should be top of the list.
  • It fights cancer. High levels of glucosinolates help eliminate carcinogens from the body and stimulate the self-destruction of cancer cells.
  • Your skin loves kale! The generous amount of antioxidants make this a smart choice for everyone. Because who doesn’t want better skin?
  • Anti-inflammatory. Disease cannot survive unless there is inflammation in the body. Alkaline foods are our best friend and they also promote younger looking skin.
  • Perhaps one of the more unexpected benefits, kale is high in calcium.




For all ingredients and a step by step for this recipe head over to one of my favourite food blogs 101 COOKBOOKS