One of the things I love most about Germany is the mountains. My ideal living situation would be an apartment in London and a large house in the Bavarian Alps. When I get off the train at Oberstdorf the first thing that hits me is the fresh air. It’s the purest luft my lungs have ever known and they couldn’t be happier each time I arrive here.

This place is great all year round. It’s perfect for skiing in the Winter with a cable car that runs from the center of town up into the mountains. In the Spring and Summer you can enjoy the mountain views, waterfalls and valleys. You can go hiking, mountain biking or even rock climbing. The town of Oberstdorf is relatively small with pretty shops, restaurants. There are lot’s of small hotels or B&B’s plus cozy restaurants and pubs. In Germany the food is hearty with nice big portions. Places serve delicious comfort food during the Winter and huge tasty salads in the Summer. The best part is the beer. Before I moved to this country I wasn’t a beer drinker but the stuff is so good here it’s become my thing. So if you fancy leaving the nature to the animals you can find a cozy corner and get tipsy with your mates.

All the relevant travel and tourism info can be found here. There are also some apartments on airbnb.




Like me, my hair can be a little rebellious! It’s slightly curly and I have to be careful how I style it otherwise it looks fluffy and dry. Below I will list some useful tips on how I coiffe my quiff.

  • I try not to wash it too often. Daily washing leaves my hair particularly dry and fluffy which I obviously hate. I wait until my hair starts to look greasy before I wash it. I usually get away with once a week. In between I just rinse it in the shower.
  • Most days I let it air dry. My hair has more grip and volume when it’s not super clean. On these days I comb my hair into place when it’s still wet and let it dry naturally. I recommend a carbon comb because they are anti-static and prevent fly away’s.
  • On special occasions I go all out. In the picture above I blow-dried my hair and finished with a little product. I often do this on washing day to avoid the fluff or when I want to look my best. I rough dry my hair with a blow dryer and gently smooth out the front with a brush. My favourite is the Y.S. Park from Japan. I finish with a small amount of matte paste to create a piece-y effect. I’m currently loving Malin + Goetz hair pomade.





I rarely remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. I heard somewhere that if we write down anything we remember as soon as we wake up then over time we will recall the details of our dreams. Years ago I remember having a dream that I was in a famous boy band, I’m laughing as I can remember being really disappointed when I woke up to discover that I wasn’t a celebrity and I had to get up for school. Not all of my dreams are this much fun though. There’s the occasional nightmare that completely freaks me out and for as long as I can remember I’ve had this recurring dream that crops up from time to time. It usually takes place on a rollercoaster, I can picture it now as I’m sitting in the front carriage whilst it slowly makes it’s was up to the highest peak. It stops for a second at the top before I plummet downwards and my stomach reaches my throat. It feels so real that just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

As a kid I used to occasionally climb trees, quickly moving from branch to branch I remember at one point looking down and thinking “god that’s a long way down” and then continuing to climb a little higher. Looking back I think this is where I developed a fear from heights. If I’m inside a building then I have no issue but the thought of being on the edge of a cliff just freaks me out. According to this article a dream or¬†nightmare like this could have a deeper meaning. It says that dreams involving falling could be the minds way of alerting us that we are feeling out of control. Or even worse it could be telling us that a certain area of life is literally going down hill. Gawd! In this situation it’s worth briefly¬†analysing any areas in life that might need to be changed for the better. Perhaps that person you started dating isn’t such a good idea?!

Another article I found in Stylist Magazine decodes various themes from teeth falling out to being surrounded by sharks. It seems in a lot of cases recurring dreams can be brought on by chaotic or stressful situations that take place during the day such as moving house or stress at work. In certain cases I can connect nightmares to something unrelated that I heard during the day. But sometimes I think it’s a message from the universe showing us there’s something in day to day life that isn’t good and needs to be addressed.