For whatever reason we can find ourselves in need of motivation or guidance. During a rough patch in my life a friend sent me a book as a gift. I remember looking at it and thinking ‘what a dull looking book, why did she think I would like this’. The gift turned out to be a blessing because I would never have considered buying it, when the information inside was life changing. The book is called A Peaceful Warriors Guide To Daily Life and despite the unappealing cover I quickly got into it and couldn’t put it down. It opened my mind to the power of energy, being mindful and transformative thinking. The wisdom made total sense to me and I knew I would never think in the same way again. I’ve done some digging and put together a list of 5 books that could change your life. If a book that has changed your life in some way please leave a comment or contact me on twitter or instagram.

1 No Ordinary Moments. A Peaceful Warriors Guide To Daily Life by Dan Millman

2 A New Earth by Ekhart Tolle

3 The Power Of You by Rav Berg

4 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

5 What They Teach You At Harvard Business School by Philip Delves Broughton

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I rarely remember my dreams when I wake up in the morning. I heard somewhere that if we write down anything we remember as soon as we wake up then over time we will recall the details of our dreams. Years ago I remember having a dream that I was in a famous boy band, I’m laughing as I can remember being really disappointed when I woke up to discover that I wasn’t a celebrity and I had to get up for school. Not all of my dreams are this much fun though. There’s the occasional nightmare that completely freaks me out and for as long as I can remember I’ve had this recurring dream that crops up from time to time. It usually takes place on a rollercoaster, I can picture it now as I’m sitting in the front carriage whilst it slowly makes it’s was up to the highest peak. It stops for a second at the top before I plummet downwards and my stomach reaches my throat. It feels so real that just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

As a kid I used to occasionally climb trees, quickly moving from branch to branch I remember at one point looking down and thinking “god that’s a long way down” and then continuing to climb a little higher. Looking back I think this is where I developed a fear from heights. If I’m inside a building then I have no issue but the thought of being on the edge of a cliff just freaks me out. According to this article a dream or nightmare like this could have a deeper meaning. It says that dreams involving falling could be the minds way of alerting us that we are feeling out of control. Or even worse it could be telling us that a certain area of life is literally going down hill. Gawd! In this situation it’s worth briefly analysing any areas in life that might need to be changed for the better. Perhaps that person you started dating isn’t such a good idea?!

Another article I found in Stylist Magazine decodes various themes from teeth falling out to being surrounded by sharks. It seems in a lot of cases recurring dreams can be brought on by chaotic or stressful situations that take place during the day such as moving house or stress at work. In certain cases I can connect nightmares to something unrelated that I heard during the day. But sometimes I think it’s a message from the universe showing us there’s something in day to day life that isn’t good and needs to be addressed.




Today I embarked on a new adventure which involves finding my dreams. I watched a video conversation on Kabbalah University between Karen Berg and Marcia Wieder. Marcia is the Founder & CEO of Dream University. She has successfully taught people how to uncover their dreams and manifest them with the intention to fulfill their true purpose in life.

Taking a little time to sit down and consider your dreams is something I recommend. As a child I was filled with aspirations which I still carry today, yet somehow I spend much less time doing this as day to day life takes over. Until recently my goals have simply revolved around my personal growth and satisfaction. This isn’t a problem except I want to do what I love and share the rewards with others. A few years ago I co-founded Intensae nail lacquer. My experience lies in the beauty industry and I wanted to introduce a line of products that deliver premium results without using unnecessary toxins or animal testing. Whilst my brand starts to blossom the lessons I’m learning on this journey have brought me to the point where I want to add another string to my bow. My career began training and then working as a hair colourist, it was a great time where I met incredible and interesting people from all walks of life. After launching Intensae two and a half years ago I stepped away from the hair industry only doing occasional jobs for a hair care brand and a few private clients. I recently decided to completely shut that door and focus on new projects. Around that time I started this blog as a way of learning new skills which include writing, photography, styling and photoshop. I feel it’s important to close a door to allow space for new opportunities and taking on this blog as a hobby is extremely rewarding and a great learning curve.

Whilst thinking about my dreams in life I felt inspired by Marcia’s story as she went from a highly respected career to founding Dream University which was initially met with skepticism and is now renowned and respected. It may be scary letting go of the past but ultimately I believe we cannot uncover our true potential if we stay put in a place of comfort. Opening up to my dreams and uncovering new potential is an exciting experience that I will continue to share as it evolves. If you would like to take part in this yourself then you can subscribe to Dream University for free to receive a series of videos which talk you through the process of uncovering your dreams.

In the last 24hrs some work related issues have come up causing me to feel stressed. Recently I’ve been doing some work on myself and through these teachings I am slowly learning to deal with day-to-day anxiety. Naturally I’m one of those people who becomes stressed or anxious quite easily and now that I’m aware of the damage it causes to both my body and state of mind, well I’m ready to kick it to the curb. For a long time I was unaware of the stress I was under and how it become a day to day reaction, popping up if I was running late for work or with someone not replying to an important e mail. It’s got to the stage where I’ve had enough, now I’m at a point where I manage to catch myself and make the decision to turn the situation around. I’m hoping that one day I will get to a place where it isn’t my go-to response when something doesn’t go as I had intended. For now I simply pause, clear my head of any thoughts and just breathe. Taking a few breaths with a clear head put’s me back in control of the situation which feels a lot better, for a second or two at least. I tell myself I’m not doing this, I am NOT going to stress. After all, is it going to make a blind bit of difference other than making me feel exhausted which just prevents me from finding a solution.

Another thing I am learning is that worrying about something that might happen is the dumbest thing ever. The amount of times I’ve sat somewhere anxiously worrying that I might lose that important business client and then it turns out I didn’t and everything was fine. I will never get that time back and I’m not OK with that. Until the moment comes when the business client say’s bye bye I’m not going to worry because it’s all a big fat what if.

There are so many facets to every daily event that other people, the horoscope or past situations must be factored into these moments. Because of this it’s no surprise that things don’t always go how they are supposed to. Taking this on board can be comforting, I don’t take it so personally and it certainly put’s things into perspective. Stress has it’s function and whilst I hope it never happens I would like to reserve it for the moment when I am required to fight off a sabre toothed tiger.

Ironically, as I’m finishing off this post. I just received an e mail regarding the work related issue that had been bothering me, and guess what. Everything is OK! But, if that situation hadn’t happened then I’d be wracking my brain trying to find something to blog about.

Another lesson learned.