Butter Elixir review

Butter Elixir review…

My appreciation for natural oils has transitioned from the occasional laid back date to an exclusive relationship. My bathroom shelf holds an impressive selection of essential oils ranging from RODIN to VINTNER’S DAUGHTER. With open arms I welcome the latest edition – BUTTER ELIXIR. From the picture you will see I have the face elixir, plus the hair and body oil. The nourishing and comforting face oil contains a blend of apricot, rosehip, argan and rose oils.

The hair and body combines almond, argan, lavender and chamomile. I’m using these as my bedtime oils as they are rich and nourishing which aids in the skins nighttime regeneration. I find the rose oil in the face elixir and the lavender in the body elixir super comforting and relaxing, another reason to use them at night yet there’s no reason not to use them both day and night. The natural fragrance in these products is noticeable but not overpowering in my opinion. Both absorb easily and leave my skin soft and nourished.

I’m a supporter of independent brands, founded by nice people who give a damn. Butter elixir’s founder is no exception, I can tell she’s a cutie from her portrait on the website. And my interaction with the brand during the arrangement of this collab was lovely – it’s nice to be nice. For this reason alone I recommend you give them a try, especially if you appreciate the benefits of natural oils.