In the last 24hrs some work related issues have come up causing me to feel stressed. Recently I’ve been doing some work on myself and through these teachings I am slowly learning to deal with day-to-day anxiety. Naturally I’m one of those people who becomes stressed or anxious quite easily and now that I’m aware of the damage it causes to both my body and state of mind, well I’m ready to kick it to the curb. For a long time I was unaware of the stress I was under and how it become a day to day reaction, popping up if I was running late for work or with someone not replying to an important e mail. It’s got to the stage where I’ve had enough, now I’m at a point where I manage to catch myself and make the decision to turn the situation around. I’m hoping that one day I will get to a place where it isn’t my go-to response when something doesn’t go as I had intended. For now I simply pause, clear my head of any thoughts and just breathe. Taking a few breaths with a clear head put’s me back in control of the situation which feels a lot better, for a second or two at least. I tell myself I’m not doing this, I am NOT going to stress. After all, is it going to make a blind bit of difference other than making me feel exhausted which just prevents me from finding a solution.

Another thing I am learning is that worrying about something that might happen is the dumbest thing ever. The amount of times I’ve sat somewhere anxiously worrying that I might lose that important business client and then it turns out I didn’t and everything was fine. I will never get that time back and I’m not OK with that. Until the moment comes when the business client say’s bye bye I’m not going to worry because it’s all a big fat what if.

There are so many facets to every daily event that other people, the horoscope or past situations must be factored into these moments. Because of this it’s no surprise that things don’t always go how they are supposed to. Taking this on board can be comforting, I don’t take it so personally and it certainly put’s things into perspective. Stress has it’s function and whilst I hope it never happens I would like to reserve it for the moment when I am required to fight off a sabre toothed tiger.

Ironically, as I’m finishing off this post. I just received an e mail regarding the work related issue that had been bothering me, and guess what. Everything is OK! But, if that situation hadn’t happened then I’d be wracking my brain trying to find something to blog about.

Another lesson learned.

Working from home I tend to snack throughout the day and lunch usually involves something bread related. I’m one of those annoying people who can eat the contents of a fridge and still be skinny but this doesn’t mean I don’t try to eat healthy. When it comes to this I’m all about balance so eating enough super healthy food allows me to enjoy pizza, beer and Chinese food at the weekend. I have started eating a huge salad during the day that’s healthy and easy to prepare.

Once or twice a week I buy fruit and veg from the local market, it’s way cheaper than the supermarket and tons better quality. When I get the stuff home I wash it and store it in the fridge so when it comes to using it I’m good to go.

The salad in the picture has the following ingredients;





Sunflower Seeds

Your Superfoods, Antioxidant Superfood Mix

As I’ve already cleaned the salad I begin by tearing up the spinach and lettuce then chuck it into a large salad bowl. I chop the tomatoes and beetroot which I add to the bowl with a handful of seeds. I’m currently sampling the Antioxidant Superfood Mix from Your Super Foods. I’m totally into this as it contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals which transform the salad into a super salad.

I finish off with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing and some salt and pepper. If you have any alternative suggestions then leave a comment or tweet me as I’m always looking for new ideas.

sunday post 4

sunday post 3

Ahh Sunday. When I’m in London this is a day of rituals and traditions. Providing I didn’t have a heavy night on Saturday I like to get up earlyish to get some coffee, pick up the newspapers before returning home to veg out on the sofa and read whilst some trash tv plays on repeat in the background. I drink about a million cups of tea and then start calling up friends around noon to see who’s up for a Sunday roast at the pub. This is my perfect Sunday.

I’m wearing a bomber jacket from We Fashion, chino’s from Zara and a sweater from Cos.

Ironically, as I sit down to write about smooth and fresh skin I happen to be looking particularly awful. This week I arrived back in Germany from a long weekend in London feeling completely drained and run down. This is no doubt a combination of too much work, too much fun and not enough rest. Hopefully with a couple of good night’s sleep I should be back to my usual self. So, let me share my latest skincare discovery which is the US skincare brand Paul’s Choice. I was initially introduced to this brand by the make-up artist Lisa Eldridge and when I found out that it’s now available in Germany I wanted to get some samples and see for myself. I’ve been using three products from the range which are, Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion, PC4 MEN Daytime Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 & PC4 MEN Nighttime Repair. The BHA Lotion smoothes, brightens and unclogs pores. In the morning, after cleansing I apply it to my entire face (avoiding the eyelid and bottom lash line) before moisturising and then applying the SPF 30. At night I use the BHA Lotion again after cleansing, I leave out the SPF and moisturise with the nighttime repair.

My skin absolutely loves these products and I’m a little taken aback at how great they are – these are definitely up there with the best products I have ever used. I love to exfoliate my skin and using an acid is how I like to do it. Don’t be frightened at the sound of acid, they are gentle enough to use on skin and remove dead skin cells in a uniformed way without scratching at the skin like old school, grainy exfoliators. It’s super important to use an SPF 25 or above if you want to protect your skin from premature ageing, this should be mandatory if you are using any peeling products. Otherwise the damage caused by UV exposure negates the benefits from using a peel. The Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion is surprisingly hydrating and leaves my looking looking super bright and fresh. The nighttime repairs, hydrates and soothes my skin overnight.

These three products are a winning combination as the SPF is a must have in combination with the BHA and the nighttime repair can really do it’s job when the dead skin is removed allowing it to fully absorb.

For fear of rambling for an eternity I have skimmed over the details of using acid peels and the overall details of these products – they are honestly great. Please leave a comment or tweet me if you have any questions or would like more information. You can also visit the Paula’s Choice website.


It’s great to be back in my home town and catching up with friends. I’m a day behind with this post so this is a yesterday I was wearing, instead of today I am wearing. So, yesterday, I wore some cool new jeans and a relaxed creamy white t-shirt from Only and Sons. I like these t-shirts so much because they come slightly longer in the body which looks better in my opinion. Check out my instagram page as I’m posting my London discoveries throughout the weekend.