Thanks to the latest non-invasive skin treatments it’s getting easier to delay the signs of aging without having to consider injectables such as botox. My focus is on healthy skin combining acid peels and vitamin serums with a healthy diet. We’ve heard it a million times ‘drink plenty of water’ but since guzzling up to 3 liters a day I’ve seen the difference hydration makes on the skin. I’m one of those people with an expressive face, resulting in frown lines when I’m concentrating which seem to become more pronounced as the years roll by.

Recently I’ve noticed the number 11 appearing between my eyebrows and it’s got to the point where I feel the need to address it. In a recent post I listed a selection of samples I received from Kiehl’s** and one of them happened to be just what I’ve been looking for. My skin is no doubt slightly premature for the Double Strength Wrinkle Filler but I love the plumping effect it creates when I apply it to my frown lines. It comes with a precision nozzle allowing easy application to the wrinkle itself which in turn will plump just this area making the wrinkle appear less deep or pronounced. Of course, the effects are temporary but it does make a noticeable difference and I was happy to see this contains hyaluronic acid which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients.

**Kielh’s products are available internationally.



This time last year I was in a skincare rut, dry and lackluster my face began to resemble a brillo pad. Refusing to accept my skincare woe’s for another year, I made it my mission to get good skin. I’ve been testing the latest and greatest that natural skincare has to offer and I think I’ve found the key to a dreamy winter complexion. My current routine consists of five products that work both morning and night. I start off by cleansing with Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser* which is gentle yet effective, it leaves my skin fresh, hydrated and cared for. Next up is NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex* I apply 4 or 5 drops which acts as a serum absorbing immediately, offering hydration from the deeper levels to the surface layers of the skin. Next I mix 5 drops of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Face Serum with 1 drop of Odacité Pure Elements* Gt+L. To finish off I spritz 3 pumps of Face Food Mineral Mist* by Graydon which allows the previous products to absorb deeper into the skin whilst providing nourishing minerals with anti-bacterial properties.

By using this combination I’ve seen a vast improvement in the overall appearance of my skin which would normally be dull, dry and sensitive at this time of year. I’m also happy that all of these products happen to be natural. I have reviewed each of these products individually and in more detail so if you’d like more information then you can use the links below. And if you have any questions then leave a comment or tweet me.

* Press Samples


Nuori* is an exciting new skincare brand from Denmark with an interesting concept. This brand is built on a foundation of freshness. Nuori is produced in small batches every 12 weeks to prevent the need for preservatives in these all-natural formulations. This ensures the actives are at their highest potency, thus providing maximum benefits to the skin. HOLA! The design of this brand is beautiful with minimal packaging and lovely solid bottles that feel nice in the hand. For the last 10 days I have been religiously using the Vital Foaming Cleanser and Supreme-C Serum Treatment.

The cleanser is a joy to use, unlike most foaming cleansers this is rich, creamy and deeply hydrating. It smells slightly fruity and 2 pumps leave my skin soft, bright and comforted. I found the treatment serum sticky at first, whilst vitamin c products often leave a residue on the skin I found this one quite uncomfortable in the first week of use. The stickiness is due to a botanical based glycerin which acts as a humectant, in turn helping the skin retain moisture whilst strengthening the barrier function. Besides the stickiness I find this product amazing at smoothing, detoxifying and brightening the skin, it’s also incredibly hydrating. I’m now 10 days in and the texture of my skin has transformed – it’s beyond smooth! The instructions suggest a full pipette of serum but I find 5 drops sufficient with no need for additional moisturiser. My skin is starting to feel slightly sensitive so I’m going to use this product just at night for the final 10 days.

Due to the lack of preservatives it’s important to start using these products asap. The box comes with a ‘start using by’ date and you will find the ‘use by’ date on the base of the bottle. My products have a start date of 21st of Feb 2016 and a use by date of 15th of May 2016.

Visit here to discover more on NUORI and don’t forget to tweet me or leave a comment on Instagram if you have any questions.

*Press Samples



Hylamide is a range of skin treatments that target every depth of the skin. The price point of Hylamide is more accessible compared with other brands offering a similar type of product. The packaging utilizes colour blocking to boldly distinguish the variety of skin treatments in the range. I’ve been sent the SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum. A couple of drops is enough for both eyes, I used too much at first and it was a tad sticky so I recommend using this sparingly. It absorbs nicely into the skin and provides that lightweight hydration I come to expect from this type of product. When applying anything to the eye area it’s a good idea to tap the product on to avoid dragging the delicate skin. I’m very happy to see a brand offering advanced skincare at a more realistic price.


As I sit here typing, my hands are lookin’ silky smooth, I’d say they look almost airbrushed. Want to know my secret? Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate! Hand cream is a product I rarely use, in many cases they make my hands greasy and I often forget to use one in the first place. I’ve heard great things about this brand so I was keen to get my hands on a sample and see if the skin smoothing rumors are true. This product has an unusual gel-like texture and I’m thinking how best to describe the feeling it leaves on the skin. It’s kind of powdery yet smooth. A little goes a long way so I’d recommend a pea sized amount. It keeps my hands hydrated with an even tone – it’s like a transparent BB cream for the hands. I recommend this to anyone with dry, frostbitten hands on the lookout for some relief.