When more is more…

When it comes to doubling up on fragrances I tend to be a bit iffy. It’s one of those things, in my mind at least, that could go horribly wrong. I would never top up my glass of rosé with a different bottle to the one I was already drinking so why would I do the same with a fragrance?! Yes, that’s a tad dramatic. But if a fragrance has already been blended who am I to mess with the process? View Post

lookin good feelin fine travel skincare

Skincare for the city…

It’s currently Sunday morning and I’m packing for tomorrow’s trip to London. I just put together the skincare products I’m taking and thought I’d share them with you. When I’m traveling I try to keep things to a minimum but it still ends up being more than I’d like. It currently stands at five products. When I arrive I plan to purchase a new antioxidant as I ran out of The Ordinary EUK 134. Even though I like this I won’t be purchasing it again this time. Because of the natural pigment in this it strained my transparent glasses where they sit on the bridge of my nose. Instead I have my eye on The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic acid 3%, I just need to check that it’s transparent in colour. Because of the city pollution I’m going to be needing it! View Post

clinique black head solutions review

Fragrance free skincare…

Well hello there lovely people I hope you all had a nice weekend. I have been testing out a few new products that arrived from Clinique. There’s two mosturisers and a black head remover!  View Post

Let’s do this!

There are many possible emotions when are lacking motivation. It can involve sadness, lack of inspiration, feeling lost or boredom. The list goes on and the reasons behind these feelings are even more vast. It could be the astrological time we are in, the result of a personal situation such as a breakup or we might have no idea what has brought the feelings on. View Post

evening skincare routine

First step cleanse…

Cleansing is the nicest part of my evening skincare routine, it’s like taking my shoes off after a long day. For a while I tried the whole double cleanse malarky but my skin doesn’t usually need it. I’m still using Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and I bloody love it. That rose/plastic-y smell is so addictive that my other cleansers are gathering dust in the corner. If my skin is feeling particularly filthy or congested I will add a second cleanse in the shower. I like NIOD Sanskrit Saponins. It just sucks up any dirt like a hoover. View Post