I have owned several i phones over the years and somehow despite dropping them from time to time I never actually smashed one.

Last year my luck ran out in Stuttgart whilst fumbling to pick up my phone I dropped it on the pavement and smashed the screen. Afterwards I was totally one of those people, picking splinters of glass out of my ears until I was finally able to get an upgrade. I now have an i phone 7 which FYI has a great camera. This time I decided to be all sensible and get myself a case. Many of you will know I like anything marble, check out my marble tracksuit here. So I went for a black marble case from Happy Plugs and got the matching earphones. These are super handy as my i phone earphones are no longer compatible with my laptop. Ironically, just after I added the case my friend said ‘oh no you smashed your new phone’. Naturally she mistook the marble for a cracked screen!