A weekend of long walks with my dog are great but they can leave me vulnerable to the common cold or even worse the flu. To avoid this I have a selection of go-to supplements that keep me at my best. Work is particularly demanding at this time of year and with the party season about to enter full throttle I’m going to be busier than ever. Warm water with lemon first thing in the morning makes a huge difference when it comes to cough and cold prevention, the high dose of vitamin C is a warrior when it comes to killing unwanted bacteria. You can check out my ultimate hot water with lemon recipe here. Staying alkaline is key to keeping fit and healthy so I mix a couple scoops of PH Miracle Greens to a bottle of water, add some alkaline drops for an extra boost and drink this throughout the day. When combined with water and lemon in the morning this mixture should keep unwanted germs at bay. Lastly I take FOUNTAIN Super Green Molecule* daily which provides the equivalent of 6 green salads in a teaspoon.

*PR Sample