tata harper resurfacing mask review

tata harper resurfacing mask review

My go hard or go home approach to exfoliation needs to come down a notch now that Summer’s on it’s way. Regular acid peels are great, not only for removing dead skin but also by keeping it in a constant state of repair which promotes younger looking skin. You know it! Before the last 12 months I only used SPF on holiday or if I were sunbathing, now I wear it every day. Even with an SPF 30 or higher, I wouldn’t sit in the sun whilst using certain exfoliators for fear of damaging my skin.

Now that the Summer season is approaching I want to enjoy whatever warm weather we end up having in Germany without irritating my skin. This leads me to my latest skincare discovery which is from the US ‘all-natural’ brand Tata Harper.

I’ve started using the Resurfacing Mask which is 100% natural and nontoxic. Even during the Summer months it’s important to keep skin gently exfoliated, otherwise we run the risk of an uneven tan *starts screaming*. This little pot of gold gets the job gently done which is exactly what I’d hoped for. It has a gel consistency and smells fresh and slightly florally and dries on the skin with a cling film like feeling – I leave it on for the recommended 30 minutes.

Whilst this is all-natural it definitely makes a difference when using it 1-2 times a week and it didn’t cause any redness on my skin. It also contains French Pink Clay (very posh) which helps detoxify the skin and minimize pores. It’s worth noting that this contains some potentially irritating essential oils so I’d consider this if you are sensitive to these types ingredients. The packaging is a bit madam for my personal taste but I wanted to try this brand anyway as I’ve heard many great reports. Having used this I’d like to try some other products from the range soon.